American Bulldog Types


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American Bulldog types :

Encouraged by the huge variety within the AB breed at this time , and yet the call of the owners to get more clarity there is decided to give more insinght. In base of physique, it’s true that three types can be distinguished :

  • Standard type ( more athletic build ) Scott type
  • Bully type ( coarser construction , mostly shorter nose) Johnson type
  • Hybrid type ( combination of the above ) .

On the Breed standard ABEU page is a detailed description about the specific breed characteristics as they are today in force .

American bulldog and Old English Bulldog

Although now perhaps the impression counts that this site is only about the American Bulldog , the show results of the Old English Bulldog also be tracked . Reason is that the two types of varieties closely abut each other and that shows in almost all situations are combination shows of both the American Bulldog and the Old English Bulldog . Of course, within their own race group .

Relationship American Bulldog / Old English Bulldog

Between all variants of bulldogs, the relationship between the American Bulldog and the Old English Bulldog is probably the greatest. In terms of character , they are quite similar , in terms of physique an American Bulldog is often slightly larger , although nowadays many variations are possible .