EB Points

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English Bulldogs EU Points(ABEU Points)

NumberDogs NameTypeSexPointsTitles
10000CCBF Face-offEBMale10
10001Bulldozer Daddy Dave ChubbyEBMale10
10002Chairwinden bull JudasEBMale10030-9-2018 Best Male of Show - Best EB of Show / 26-5-2019 Best Male - Best of Breed / 28-7-2019 Best of Show
10004CCBF Heavy-DeeEBFemale5
10005ZusjeEBFemale2030-9-2018 Best Female of Show
10006Lionshart BambooEBMale10
10007Eden From Kaya Bulls Aka SusieEBFemale10
10008Pulverfass HorstEBMale4025-5-2019 Best Male / 26-5-2019 Best Male / 20-10-2019 Best Male
10010Chairwinden bull AppieEBMale3
10011Pullverfass KianaEBFemale10
10012English Boss Bulls FionaEBFemale5
10013Pulverfass AdeleEBFemale4020-10-2019 Best Female - Best of Breed
10014Pulverfass SkyeEBFemale5
10015Chairwinden bull ReinieEBFemale2025-5-2019 Best Female - Best of Breed
10016Lisa happy bullEBFemale3028-7-2019 Best of Breed
10017No Name Bulls Miss MiniEBFemale5
10018Englisch Boss Bulls ReinieEBFemale308-3-2020 Best Female - Best of Breed