FB Points

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French Bulldogs EU Points(ABEU Points)

NumberDogs NameTypeSexPointsTitles
10001Nisabulls Bonnie van Poppel **ABEU JUNIOR CHAMPION**FBFemale14030-9-2018 Best Female of Show - Best FB of Show / 20-10-2019 Best Female - Best of Breed
10002Aurora VodkaFBFemale3521-10-2018 Best Female - Best of Breed
10003Co Di Che Fays Willy WonkaFBMale10
10004Blanc Cherry JoyFBMale4030-9-2018 Best Male of Show
10005Co Di Che Fays Witch Whoopie LolaFBFemale3030-9-2018 Best Female of Show - Best FB of Show
10006FBT's Beautiful BubblesFBFemale5
10007Co Di Che Fays Wonder WomanFBFemale3
10008Battai Boloog Bully MaximilionFBFemale5021-10-2018 Best Male - Best Breed - Best of Show
10009Co Di Che Fay's Rebel RicoFBFemale5
10010RiffFBMale3021-10-2018 Best Male
10011Chuck of Sweet Eittee Wild-FireFBMale5
10012Cora of Sweet Eittee Wild-FireFBFemale5
10013Cara of Sweet Eittee Wild-FireFBFemale3
10015KikiFBFemale2021-10-2018 Best Female
10016Baily v/d Zeven ProvincienFBFemale5
10017Dei Sacer Dole ShadowFBMale3026-5-2019 Best Male - Best of Breed
10018Frenchie Ranch RaigerFBMale5
10019Big mc Maffin of beautiful ColorsFBMale2320-10-2019 Best Male
10020Frenchie Ranche VirginiaFBFemale2026-5-2019 Best Female
10021CodicheFays Ultimate UrayaFBFemale10
10022Bulletbulls BabyFBFemale5
10023Bulletbulls ShotgunFBMale3026-5-2019 Best Male - Best of Breed
10024Nisabulls MaddieFBFemale4020-10-2019 Best Female - Best of Breed - Best of Show