Ranking Points

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Puppy and Adult Classes

  • Novice Puppy (3-6 months)
  • Junior Adult (1-2 years)
  • Junior Puppy (6-9 months)
  • Senior Adult (2-4 years)
  • Senior Puppy (9-12 months)
  • Veteran Adult (4 years & older)

Conformation points will be awarded based on the following:

Points per participant:

  • 1st place=10
  • 2nd place=5
  • 3rd place=3

Winners from each class will compete for Best Male and Best Female respectively for ten (10) additional points. The Best Male and the Best Female will compete for Best Classic / Standard with the winner receiving ten (10) additional points. The best Classic and the best Standard will compete for Best in show with the winner receiving ten (10) additional points.

Puppy class competition held separate from adult class competition. But the system as used with the adults is applied.

Junior Championship

A puppy (ages three months to twelve months) who earns 100 points and at least one major win as Best Male or Best Female over a minimum of fifteen puppies in their respective classes or Best In Show or All Around Best in Show Puppy over a cumulative total of fifteen puppies, will gain the title of ABEU Junior Champion. In order for a ABEU Junior Champion to earn its ABEU Championship, it must enter into the adult classes at one year of age or older and earn again another 50 points.

Earned Puppy Points are carried over and count towards Adult Points.

Championship Requirements

*Before earning champion status, a dog must complete one of the following. A dog will become a champion based on whichever of the two methods of championship is attained first:

1. Major Win

A. Dog must earn at least one major win as Best Male or Best Female over a minimum of twenty dogs in their respective classes or Best In Show or All Around Best in Show over a cumulative total of twenty dogs.

B. A total of 150 points is required for an ABEU Championship.
2. Multiple Wins

A. Dog must have attained two Adult Best In Shows and one additional and separate win in which the dog achieves at least Adult Best Male or Best Female, all under different judges.

For example, an Adult Best Male or Female win attained in the same ring (same day, same judge) as the Adult Best In Show does not count – it is not a separate win.

(Puppy BIS and BM/BF wins will not count toward an Adult Championship under this method, but they will count toward ABEU Puppy (Junior) Championship under existing rules, and, as stated above, the puppy points attained will count toward the 150 total points needed for an Adult Championship).

B. Dog must defeat 40 dogs collectively in the 2 Adult BIS wins and the 1 additional Adult BM/BF win (or Adult BIS).

For example: 1st Adult BIS (defeated 18 dogs under Judge A) 2nd Adult BIS (defeated 15 dogs under Judge B), Adult BM (defeated 10 dogs under Judge C), Total of 43 dogs defeated – dog qualifies for an Adult Championship if 150 points are earned.

C. To qualify for a championship, the 2 BIS and 1 BM/BF or better wins must all be in the same “type,” either Classic or Standard.

D. A total of 150 ABEU points is required. ABEU Puppy points and ABEU Adult points both count towards this 150 point total. No points may be transferred from another registry to qualify under this method.
Champions Class

Those dogs having earned ABEU conformation championships will be eligible to compete in the Champions Class. Champion males and females will compete together. Three champions or more of either type, Standard or Classic must be entered to earn credit toward a Grand Champion title. Each dog will be judged by the breed standard relevant to their type. (Less than three entries will be shown in exhibition only)

*Champions must win the Champion of Champions class 3 times under 3 different judges to earn the title of Grand Champion.