Show Rules


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The participant declares that by registration for an ABEU show he accepts the rules and regulations as used by the ABEU further to this he acknowledge those rules and regulations.

The participant declares that the dog he has registered, to his knowledge, has not found oneself in circumstances which could result in danger for contagion of dog diseases or any other contagious be feared diseases, and that he will not let the participating dog enter if the meant circumstances should occur.

There is no minimum age for participation into the ABEU show,  the dog must be vaccinated completely. At registration the owner will always be asked for the European animal passport and *pedigree/registration certificate. *Participating dogs up to 1 year which not yet possess a pedigree/registration certificate have exemption. But if your dog should win one of the prizes a copy of the pedigree/registration certificate must be send to the ABEU. The gained points will be awarded after receipt of the subject documents.

With the ABEU it is not allowed to have the dogs owned by the show host to be judged in the subject show.

During the show:

  • The dog must stay in a bench or be leashed at all times
  • “shit” must be removed immediately by the owner
  • Do not stand next to the ring with your dog
  • `second´ handling is not allowed
  • The final decision is in all times up to the judge’s) and can not be questioned

All registrations mentioned below are welcome at the ABEU show:

  • ABRA (American Bulldog Registry & Archives)
  • ABA   (American Bulldog Association
  • NKC   (National Kennel Club)
  • UKC   (United Kennel Club)
  • ARF    (Animal Research Foundation)
  • EKC    (European Kennel Club)
  • ARFE (Animal Research Foundation Europe)
  • FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale)

Participating in the show is tantamount to signing it and consenting with the rules.